Winter Illnesses

We can all suffer from coughs, colds and flu type symptoms through the colder months. Most illnesses do not require you to see a GP and we are providing you with some useful links that offer advice and treatment for these common winter ailments.

We are more than happy to see patients who are not improving or becoming worse after following the advice given.

If you have a cold and are considering making an appointment to see the doctor, check out this link first as an appointment may not be necessary.

Have you got a sore throat?

Did you know that most sore throats can be treated at home and you do not need to be seen by your doctor? The link below offers some good advice and remedies to relieve your symptoms.

Think you have a bad case of the flu?

Flu is a viral illness and antibiotics are not generally needed to treat the symptoms. This link gives information on what you should do if you have flu and when you should contact the doctor.

Have you had your flu vaccination, it’s not too late to book an appointment!


Children often suffer with earache but generally it does not require any treatment other than paracetamol and symptoms would normally settle within a few days. Please go to the link below for some useful information on how to treat earache and when you should contact your doctor.


As you are probably aware coughs are very common in both children and adults. They are rarely serious and can be treated with over the counter medication. Before you think about going to see your doctor check out this link.

Keeping Well In The Cold

If you suffer from a condition such as COPD or Asthma it's a good idea to prepare for cold temperatures to help you stay well this winter. The British Lung Foundation have a lot of information on how you can do this here:

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