The Data Protection Act (1998) determines the way in which personal data is recorded and used and also your right of access to this data. Every day, the Doctors and all other staff here deal with confidential information given either directly by patients about themselves or by others. Any information we record is stored as your health record and all staff here need to access records at times to perform their duties.

The information we are given is treated in accordance with the legal requirements and also the common law of confidentiality. We use electronic records but also have paper records that we receive when you join from another practice or that we used before starting an electronic record. Further details regarding protection and use of patient information can be obtained on the Internet at Our Practice leaflet regarding your information and confidentiality is available by clicking here. Alternatively please ask at reception if you have any questions about confidentiality or your health record.

Click here to download our Information Governance leaflet.

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