Attached Clinical Services

The staff providing these services are not employed or managed by the doctors but work with the practice as part of your Primary Care team.

District Nurses

The District Nursing team provides nursing care for people at home and can be contacted on 030 333 05194.

Health Visitors

Health Visitors specialise in health promotion, screening and prevention of ill health for children up to the age of five. You can contact the teams, based on your location, using the numbers below.

Ashby Team – Duchess House – 03033 306771
Riddings Team – Duchess House – 03033 306771
Crosby Team – Duchess House – 03033 306772
Parkwood Team – Duchess House- 03033 306772


The team covers women from more than one practice. They provide care at all stages of pregnancy. This practice and the midwives together offer you a full range of choice in maternity care. A member of the team is always on duty and can be contacted on (01724) 847362.

Community Psychiatric Nurses (CPNs)

These are fully qualified nurses specialising in mental health problems. They support patients experiencing or recovering from psychiatric illnesses in the community and may supervise or give their medication. There are separate CPN teams for people under 65 and for people over 65.

Support Nurses

Support Nurses specialise in the care of patients and their families during terminal illness, e.g. cancer. They can be contacted via the hospital on (01724) 282282.

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